Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kindness of a stranger and movie love...

I took the four kids to the grocery store to get the necessary supplies for our Christmas meals.  We went to Central Market in Plano, and when we got in line to check out, I discovered that my wallet was gone.  I know that there are worse feelings than realizing you don't have your wallet when you need it, but at the moment of that realization, it's hard to imagine what they are!  Thankfully, the manager let me call Brian and he used Brian's debit card number to ring up the groceries.  Thank you, kind sir, for trusting me. I am very grateful.

Now, we're all back home and the children have been fed and the groceries (mostly) put away.  The little ones are watching Tom & Jerry (one of my favorite cartoons) and the older boys are playing video games.  It's gloomy and cold outside, and I am inside watching one of my all-time favorite movies:  Open Range.  If you've never seen it, you really should.  Such a great story and cast.  It's a western with lots of guns and there's even a bit of romance.  There are a lot of great lines that Brian and I go around quoting to each other.  Love, love, love it.  There's a line that one of the leads, Charlie Waite (Kevin Costner) says to one of the townsfolk that I really like.  The man tells Charlie that their town has become a terrible place.  Charlie says, "You could do something about it."  The man replies that they can't do anything, they're freight carriers.  He tells Charlie that he didn't raise his sons just to see them die.  Charlie says, "Well you may not know this, but there's things that gnaw at a man worse than dying." Isn't that true?  Better to stand and face adversity, than to do nothing. 

Anyway, Merry Christmas!  I hope you get to indulge in a favorite pastime, and that someone does something really nice for you today. 

Many Blessings,

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  1. I love reading your posts. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!