Saturday, June 25, 2011

They’re Home!

Jacob and Matthew got back from their mission trip to McComb, Mississippi this evening.  They’ve been gone since Sunday, and it’s been so quiet around here! I mentioned previously that we were planning a surprise for the boys.  First, let’s start with the before:
June 23 2011 026
God bless Jacob.  His room was out of control.  The bed was broken, the dresser was broken, it was just sad.  So, we got him some new furniture:
Jacob's room 001
We went to Weir’s Furniture Village in Plano.  If you have never been, you should seriously go.  It is a Christian, family-owned company.  Good furniture and good prices.  We picked out this sleigh bed, nightstand, and a dresser, and Brian and our young friend, Collins, went and picked it up today.  Last night, Brian and Duane (AKA Dude) took all of the furniture out of Jake’s room.  I cleaned the blinds and the floors this past week, and had been doing laundry to get ready for the transformation.
We decided that the bed should be oriented differently, so here’s how we turned it:
Jacob's room 004  Jacob's room 005
Brian touched up the paint, and I washed his linens.  We decided to let Jacob and Matthew pick out new bedspreads and sheets for their beds this week.  Matthew and Jesse have newer furniture in their room, so we bought Matthew a new pillow-top mattress for his bed.  (Don’t buy IKEA mattresses.  They do not last.)
Here’s what Jake’s room looks like now:
Jacob's room 007
All that was missing was one thing:
Jacob's room 009
The boys had lots of stories, and we got lots of love.  Lily was so very happy.  I have a feeling that she’ll be spending the night in Jacob’s new room.  She sure loves her brother.  I’m really proud of my sons.  They worked hard, and they shared with us what God revealed to them this week.  Tomorrow night at church, the youth group and the adult crew leaders will be sharing about their experiences.  I look forward to hearing more…
Many blessings,

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  1. I think that's the best response to a room redo, Jennifer! If they are comfortable enough to plop down, he must feel right at home with the new look! What a nice surprise, too!