Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gettin' Stuff Done!

Whew!  What a day!  I've been kicking things into high gear this week, trying to get the clutter that accumulated this past school year cleared away.  One of the drawbacks of going back to school and starting a new job last fall was that I had to put a lot of things on the back burner until I had some time to take care of them. 

I decided to mow the front yard this morning, before it got too hot.  It really doesn't take that long, though.  It was miserable before 11:00!  I was sure missing Jacob and Matthew, as they usually mow for us.  I wasn't sure if I could finish the last bit, but I kept myself going by reminding myself that not everyone gets to mow such a lush patch of weeds.  I'm telling you, the Cottles can grow some nutgrass!  We have got the horticulture of dandelions and Dallis grass down.  The great thing about weeds that most people fail to recognize is that within 24 hours of mowing, they pop right up in some sort of random, Marco Polo kind of fashion.  A day after mowing, it looks as though you have not done a thing to your yard.  Grass, on the other hand, is not that tenacious.  At least, not in our yard.

While mowing, Jesse came out and sat on the landscaping bricks and remarked--very sagely-- that "That's not how Dad does it."  He proceeded to tell me how Dad mows the yard, but I couldn't hear him over the buzz of the lawnmower.  It's too bad, really.  I don't really get enough landscaping tips from 8 year-olds.

I accomplished much today.  I'm trying to get caught up on laundry before the boys come home with two suitcases full.  Jesse and Lily helped me clean the living room.  The three of us washed the dog:
Doesn't he look pitiful?  Poor guy.

He was frisky afterwards.  He loves to be clean.  I told you I was doing laundry--and here's proof.  You can see it on the recliner and the sofa!  I think I lose the safety award, though.  If you look closely, you'll notice a pair of scissors on the floor.  Boo. :(

Since the boys come back from Mississippi in a couple of days, I've been cleaning their rooms to get ready for our big surprises (!).  I'll post pictures of what we've got planned, when we're done.

As a nice, little surprise this evening, I looked out the front door and spotted this:

Hello, Bunny Rabbit!  There were two of them, but the other one was camera-shy and hopped off.  Don't be jealous of my yard now.  We've worked hard to get those brown patches. :)

Many blessings,


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