Wednesday, June 8, 2011

End of School and some DIY

The 2010-11 school year is coming to a close.  For our family, this means that Lily has completed Kindergarten, Jesse has completed 2nd grade, Matthew has completed 7th grade, and Jacob has (hopefully) completed 10th grade ( Jacob has not finished taking exams, yet.).  Lily had her Kindergarten graduation today, and I was subbing, so Brian attended to cheer her on.  They had a great time.

I helped out in the office of one of the elementary schools yesterday and today.  There is a lot to do to get ready for summer, so I assisted however they needed, from packing up classrooms to shredding papers.  I've also been putting together teacher gifts the past few days, so I've had my embroidery machine out.  I like to embroider personalized hand towels, so I made a couple for the kids' teachers.  Here's one:

My friend, Michele, sells Mary Kay, so I purchased Satin Hands sets for Jesse and Lily's teachers and did embroidered hand towels to go with them.  Mrs. Z's towel is actually the second one.  I threaded the machine the wrong way and messed up the name on the first one.  I ended up cutting off the name and sewed on a gold band from a remnant of fabric that I have.

I hate to throw away a perfectly good towel, even if I did mess up.  I finished it and hung it up in the upstairs bathroom.  And since I was already sewing gifts, I thought I'd stitch up something fun for the kids...

The kids' bathroom is called the "Monkey Bathroom".  The inspiration came from this sign I found in Fredericksburg, TX:

So, I purchased a shower curtain from Target, hung up my cute embroidered towel, et voila!

I purchased both the monkey and crown embroidery designs from Urban Threads.  The Lil' Monkey design would be cute on onesies or baby blankets.  If you're interested in custom embroidered items, message me. 

In other news, Brian starts a new job July 1.  He'll be working at a construction company in Dallas.  This new company is slightly larger than the one he works for now.  It was a good offer and he has his present employer's blessing.  God is good, and though this is another change in our lives, we trust that this is a good opportunity for Brian and will be a blessing to our family.

Many blessings,


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