Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Tablescape...Complete!

Welcome back!

The ice and snow have melted--again--here in North Texas, and the kids are back in school--again.  My youngest son, Jesse, is over the flu, and I am back to the (sort of) normal life that I've become accustomed to lately.  I took advantage of being stuck in the house yesterday to complete my Valentine's Day decorations.  I took the advice of some of my new blog friends and added a table runner and candles to my tablescape in the dining room.  I could not find anything to put into my punch bowl that pleased me, so I went searching in my daughter's room and found this:

I like the delicate rosebuds juxtaposed with the crystal of my antique punch bowl.  I wanted to do something red in the punch bowl, but I think the pink brings together the dessert plates and the table runner.

Here's a full view of the table:
And another shot:

I plan to serve my family's Valentine's supper here in this room.  Like most families, we don't often use our formal dining room, but I like to take advantage of special occasions and do something nice for them. 

My husband, Brian, and our daughter, Lily, are going to the Father-Daughter Valentine's banquet at church on Saturday evening.  Brian has been looking forward to this for over five years, since we found out we were having a girl.  If there was ever a man more excited about having a daughter than my husband, I haven't met him.  Actually, after having three sons, we were ALL excited to have a Lily! :)  I'll post pictures of Brian and Lily when the time comes.  I bought her a pretty new dress and we've made plans about how we'll do her hair.  I still need to get "sparkly" new shoes, Lily says.

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P.S.  I'm participating in Susan's Tablescape Thursday.  Come on over and see other pretty tablescapes.


  1. So nicely done! I agree...the pink against the crystal bowl is very effective. The candlesticks and the runner worked perfectly. I used to go to Father-Daughter events with my Daddy. I'm excited for both of them. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  2. What a sweet post! Your children are all lucky to have such great parents.

  3. Your presentation is adorable. Job well done.

    Happy TS,

  4. Glad to hear things are back to "normal" in your neck of the woods! Have a Happy Valentine's Day, and enjoy your pretty table!

  5. How pretty your Valentine's table is. How sweet for your husband and daughter to have such a special occasion together!