Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope that your day has been filled with blessings and joy.  We began our celebration on Saturday night.  Brian and Lily participated in the Daddy-Daughter banquet at church.  I bought Lily a beautiful pink dress and sparkly shoes, and we fixed her hair up in curls. 

Brian bought her a pretty heart-shaped locket to remember the occasion:
Lily was so excited to go to the banquet with her daddy.   
They played games and had a lovely dinner.  Lily took pictures of her friends and the daddies at the party.  They came home with stories to tell and Lily had some lovely pictures to share.

As for me, well, I discovered that Valentine's Day means two different things to guys and girls.  Lily had big plans for her Valentine's celebration.  She made a list and everything!  I had big plans to take the boys out for dinner and a movie while Brian and Lily went out to the banquet.  We headed out to find a restaurant, but the boys just wanted to go to a fast food place.  No, no, that would not do.  I wanted to go to a place and sit down and have a nice meal.  So did everyone else in town!  The boys were hungry and just wanted to eat.  They didn't want to try the interesting-looking Szechuan place.  They said absolutely not to the fried chicken restaurant.  We ended up going to Subway and they got sandwiches.  I have to admit that I was disappointed that we didn't eat someplace nicer, but they were happy.  We had trouble finding a parking spot at the movie theater, and when we finally got up to the ticket window, the movie was sold out!  We headed to another theater, and on the way, Jesse said in a very small voice, "Mom, can we just go home?  I'm tired." 

So, we rented movies and went home.  Jacob was thrilled.  Matthew was disappointed that he didn't get to see the movie we'd planned to see.  Jesse was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.  To my guys, 'going out' was about eating and being entertained.  Where that took place didn't matter.  I was the one who wanted to make our evening out a big deal. 

Tonight, we had a nice dinner at home.  Brian grilled steaks and I made the sides.  The older boys prepared chocolate fondue for dessert, and we had a lot of fun dipping strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows, and raspberries.  Jesse must've eaten about five dipped chocolate chip cookies. We used our fine china and crystal.  We ate the fondue on my pretty dessert plates.  We lit candles and used linen napkins.  I wanted a big celebration, and I got it.  Even the boys enjoyed it.  They really got into the spirit of the occasion and helped Brian and I out a lot.  Jesse got his belly full and went to bed shortly after dinner was over, just after he'd taken a shower.  Poor little guy; he just can't stay up late!  At any rate, Valentine's Day was a success. I hope that yours was, as well.

Many blessings,


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