Friday, January 14, 2011

My Husband/My Hero

My husband, Brian, has had a rough couple of days.  Lily was sent home from school on Wednesday with a fever, so we've been keeping an eye on her.  Yesterday afternoon, as I was getting ready to leave for class, I leaned over to kiss her and noticed that she felt warm again. I checked her temperature, and sure enough, she had a fever.  I gave her some medicine, left her with Jacob and Matthew and departed for class.  When I left, she and Jacob were lying on the couch together, and Matthew was keeping a watchful eye on her.  Since Brian would be home in a bit, I called to let him know what was going on, and that I had left for the long trek to school.  Inwardly, I was worried that when I told Brian about Lily's fever coming back that he would be stressed.  It was too late--he was already having a migraine when I called.  Brian and the rest of the office had been getting ready all week for an office-wide presentation about goals that they are working toward for the company in 2011.  He let me know that he was going to leave the office as soon as he could see again.  It sounded as though this particular migraine was going to be a bad one.

Despite having a terrible headache, Brian managed to cook supper for the family.  He even had food on the stove for me in case I was hungry when I got home from class.  He went to bed early, but was up at his usual time to get ready to go to work.  He kissed me goodbye on his way out the door, and I prayed for him to have the strength necessary to meet the demands of the day.  When he came home this evening, he said that the presentation went well.  His boss told him, "Man, I'm so glad you're here." 

I'm so proud of him.  He works hard for all of us.  He gave his presentation, and I guarantee that no one had any idea that he was hurting.  He was depleted when he came home, though.  Poor guy.  Hopefully, he'll get some rest tonight and will wake up feeling better, if not completely restored.

I knew that when I embarked on the journey toward getting my teaching certificate and full-time employment that the ones who would suffer the most would be my family.  Being available 24 hours a day for Brian and the kids for all of these years has been great for all of us, and being less available--even if the end result is favorable for our whole family--would be tough.  The kids have been troopers.  Jacob has worked hard to get his provisional driver's license, and we anticipate no problems in his earning his driver's license next fall.  Matthew gets himself up early and on the bus, and though his grades aren't showing his full potential, he's showing a strong sense of responsibility in our family.  Jesse and Lily have made the transition the best, I think.  Lily wants me to be her substitute teacher, and Jesse seems to be happy as a clam almost all of the time--well, except when he's hungry or tired. :)  No one complains when Mom has homework or has to go to class.  There are occasional grumbles about bus riding or laundry--they aren't perfect.  All in all, though, they are weathering the changes in our family pretty well.  Brian told me from the outset that he supported my goal to teach full time.  I could've gone back to Early Childhood Intervention, or to some type of non-profit work, and would've made the same amount of money as a teacher's salary without having to go back to school.  We both agreed that teaching made sense for our family, because we would not have to put the children into daycare after school and during holidays.  Brian has stepped in to help with cooking, cleaning, and homework when I haven't been able to. 

I have to credit our friends for their support.  Duane and Michele Green have been there to help out with the kids.  It cracks me up that when I go to pick Jesse and Lily up from their house after school, Lily cries, "Why are you here so SOON!  I want to stay longer!"  Frankly, I wouldn't be able to substitute teach without friends to help with my children.

This evening, as we all sat around the table for supper, I watched my sweet husband as he asked his children how their days had been.  Despite feeling terrible, he affirmed each one of them.  I think that he probably wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for a while, but that's not what he did.  I'm thankful for Brian and the strength and resolve with which he carries himself.  I sure wouldn't want to be on this journey without him.

Many blessings,


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