Monday, April 9, 2012

A New Look for the Back Yard & A Tour Through the Garden

The drought of 2011 took its toll on our old willow tree in the back yard.  Brian and I made the tough decision to have it cut down a couple of weeks ago.  In its place, Brian planted two new trees--both are Texas natives, and will add beauty and shade to the yard.  None of us have quite gotten over the loss of the beautiful willow, though.  Lily says that our yard "looks nekkid."  She says the tree was our back yard's "dress". 

Brian planted a Shumard Oak (foreground) and a Bald Cypress.  You can see in the corner where the willow tree once stood.  Willow trees are beautiful and magical with their long fronds swaying in the wind.  Unfortunately, beauty doesn't last long, and willows are known to be short lived.

The Bald Cypress is situated close to the spot where the willow was, but we are leaving that spot open so that we can get a small storage shed to put our mower in. 

Saturday was so lovely that we decided to have a picnic out here under the new oak.  Lily got to fly her new kite at the neighborhood park.

So far this year, we have planted four trees.  We planted two apple trees in January, and they are doing well.

It has rained a lot here in North Texas.  The lakes are full and the roadways are green and full of bluebonnets.  We have our own little trail of bluebonnets leading up to the front door.  The large Oakleaf Hydrangeas to the left of the front path will be full of white blooms in a month or so.  My garden beds are full of mint. 

 My roses have started blooming.  This little miniature beauty was a gift to me from one of my students several years ago.  Isn't it lovely?

Brian and I stood on the back porch last night and enjoyed the fragrance from this lovely pink rose.  I can't remember the name of it, unfortunately.  I ordered it from the Antique Rose Emporium years ago.

It stormed on Easter Sunday, so the kids had an Easter egg hunt indoors.  However, the rain had ceased long before we held our first-ever night-time Easter egg hunt.  I got the idea from Pinterest.  Next year, I'll be sure and buy larger eggs to hold the glow bracelets, and I'll drag the tripod out to take pictures of the glowing eggs!  I couldn't hold the camera still enough to get a really good shot, but here's a picture that gives a sense of how magical the glowing eggs looked amongst the flowers in the yard:

The kids had fun, and Jesse and Lily took all of the glow bracelets and made two ginormous necklaces for themselves.  It was a wonderful day. 

Late that night, Brian and I stood on the porch listening to a mockingbird sing.  A mist had formed in the damp air behind the house, and we were watching the wind move through the trees.  We agreed that we feel very blessed.  At Easter, we celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It is a time of rebirth, when we remember that we are dead to our sin and old way of life and are made new in Christ.  Nature reminds us of that rebirth, as well.  Drought scorched the earth here in Texas last year, but God has sent the rain to refresh and replenish.  We are doubly, triply, infinitely blessed by God.  His ways are mysterious, but His ways are good.  My life before Christ was very much like the drought-stricken land: Dead and without hope.  In Christ, I am like the flowers that bloom with new rain.  I feel alive and full of purpose. 

Many blessings,


P. S. While I am participating in Susan's Metamorphosis Monday at, it is important to remember that in Christ, we are all made new--we have all metamorphosized!

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