Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Might Be a Redneck If...

You spend quality time with your dad in the woods with guns, OR

You spend quality time with your big brother learning to aim and shoot, OR
You look at the world from the perspective of a deer blind, at least once in a while.

We rounded out our Thanksgiving holiday at my parents' place in Perrin, Tx. this past weekend.  They have about 30 acres that my dad inherited from his mother.  They live on a portion of what had once been his grandparents' home place.  They divided the land four ways between their four children, and my grandmother's portion became my dad's. 

In the not-too-distant future, this land will belong to someone else.  My parents will leave this place and move someplace with less upkeep.  The area has changed due to oil and gas drilling, and my parents just want to live someplace closer to town.  My dad's health is also necessitating the move.  They need to be closer to good doctors.  A few years ago, my dad had a pretty bad accident involving a tractor and had to be Care Flighted to Fort Worth.  Living in the country gets a lot more complicated as you get older.

There are times, like this weekend, when I think that I will really miss the open skies of the old land.  It saddens me that a place that my family has had ties to for over 75 years will belong to someone else.  My dad and I had a nice talk on the way back from shooting out in the woods.  I think that their move to a new place is the beginning of a new adventure for them, and for all of us.  Things change, and we oftentimes have to change with them. 

Speaking of new adventures, I have great news to report:  Brian was offered a job last week!  I didn't want to announce it on my blog until Brian started telling people himself.  He announced it at church this morning, so I figure I can now spread the word.  He begins working this week.  We look forward to this new opportunity, as he will be working for men he has known professionally for over 17 years.  And as for me, well, I turned in my last assignment for my first class this evening.  That means one class down, just four more to go!

I sense that things are looking up, even as challenges remain.  It really does seem that when one door closes, another one opens...

Many blessings,


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