Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy day...

Lily had a tough day today.  She had two crowns placed this morning.  We have a wonderful dentist, Dr. Kevin Seidler, who takes great care of her.  Her love of sweets led to a couple of bad cavities.  Poor baby, she has horrible anxiety about going to the doctor and dentist.  She was born with a type of urinary reflux that required lots of invasive and unpleasant tests and medicines, so she is no fan of the medical profession in general. Nevertheless, we have great doctors who are very patient and understanding.  We also have a great, big God who gives her strength.  It also helped that Dr. Seidler prescribed little medication to help with her anxiety. : )

Jesse and I stayed home while Lily and Brian went to the dentist.  He woke up at 6:30 this morning and vomited.  I took him to the doctor, where we discovered that he has strep throat.  He's faring pretty well, though.  I made him chocolate pudding earlier, and he's enjoying an orange popsicle while I write.  Amoxicillin works wonders.

Dad had a tough day, too.  He had been worried about Lily's appointment all week.  He told me that he watched her carefully the entire visit.  I know he was emotionally spent when he got back from the appointment.  He was very proud of her.  I think he deserves a nap, don't you?

And what have I been doing while Brian and Lily sleep, and Jesse convalesces on the couch?  I'll show you:

I've been addressing invitations for Emily's milk-and-cookies-pajama-party-baby shower!  I also watched a wonderful period drama on Netflix called The Young Victoria.  I love British period films.  Later, I'm going to cook a big pot of beef stew to take up to the church for Third Thursday.  And tomorrow, I go to substitute teacher orientation!  After that, hopefully, I'll begin substitute teaching!

Many blessings,


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